About Us

Since 2007, the addition “for freedom” has become an established part of our foundation’s name. After all, freedom is under threat. This makes it all the more important to campaign for freedom and to take on the responsibility that goes hand in hand with it. FNF has been doing this since its foundation on May 19th, 1958. Headquartered in Potsdam (near Berlin), FNF has offices throughout Germany and in over 60 countries around the world.

The Project

Sri Lanka has had a profound public funded education system since post-independence era. However, the curriculum is primarily based on natural science subjects (STEM and more)and overlooks the branch of social science subjects such as psychology, international relations, development, law etc. at a secondary school level education system. In addition, most of the syllabi are not updated with the constantly changing global knowledge for several decades. Therefore, this project aims to narrow the knowledge gap among Sri Lankans who has not been exposed to this globally popular social science idea – Liberalism. The objective of Liberalvalues.lk is to foster a clear and correct understanding about Liberalism among all Sri Lankans

Country Office in Colombo

The association of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) with Sri Lanka is nearly five decades old.

During the period 1968 to 2013, and upon recommencing its work in 2016 the Foundation’s work focuses primarily on the core values of freedom and responsibility. The Foundation’s contribution to Sri Lanka’s political, and socio-economic development over the years is well accepted, recognized, and appreciated by legislators, opinion leaders, academics, and civil society actors.