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A multi-lingual digital platform to learn the fundamentals of Liberalism by watching videos; listening to audio series; reading through articles; and through discussions and questions. Liberalism has taken many denominations within it over several centuries based on their respective primary focus. But however, there are 8 fundamental values which all liberals agree upon. This site attempts to create awareness about liberalism on a fundamental level.

What is

Sri Lanka has had a profound public funded education system since post-independence era. However, the curriculum is primarily based on natural science subjects (STEM and more)and overlooks the branch of social science subjects such as psychology, international relations, development, law etc. at a secondary school level education system. In addition, most of the syllabi of Sri Lankan education system are not updated with the constantly changing global knowledge for several decades. Therefore, this project aims to narrow the knowledge gap among Sri Lankan citizens who has not been exposed to this globally popular social science idea – Liberalism. The objective of is to foster a clear and correct understanding of Liberalism among Sri Lankans and empower them as self-decision making, independent and empowered citizens.

How to

This platform contains a series of 10 videos, audio and articles on the fundamental values of Liberalism. One can Watch, Listen or Read about Liberal Values in English, Sinhala and Tamil. We will be launching events and activities based on the content in the near future and will have enhanced versions of the site as well. Complete the series and let us know your thoughts at the ‘Talk’ section. Going through the series multiple times will ensure deeper understanding about Liberalism, and further research on Liberalism will lead to global values such as Development, Free Trade, International Security, Foreign Policy, Sovereignty, International Law and more.

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